Business Email Lists

Our Business-to-Business list is a 100% opt in list comprised of individuals who have opted-in at their places of business to receive third party offers and solicitations. This file provides a perfect vehicle for advertisers who wish to reach people at their place of employment. Our vast network of websites provides a wide reach across an extensive audience. The Business-to-Business file reaches individuals across a wide range of company sizes and industries. It also has a large group of those people who work in the SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) market.

Select Business Emails by:

Our emails are all opt-in or permission based and are 100% CAN-SPAM compliant. Email campaigns include the following:

  • Test Blasts - To ensure your email and links function and direct the web-pages you designate, we send a test blast to a group of addresses from both our company and your company.
  • Deployment - Once you've approved the test blast, we will deploy this email to the entire file that you've selected.
  • Tracking Report - We will provide you with a tracking report that allows you to view the number of delivered emails, the open rates, and the click-throughs.

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