List Hygiene

Mailing lists can change drastically, even in one year. Consumers move, people change jobs, and business go out-of-business. If you haven’t updated your mailing list lately, there’s a likely probability that you will have a high number of undeliverable records. With rising postal costs and shrinking budgets, it's more important than ever to clean up your mailing lists. Designed to cleanse mailing lists, our List Hygiene Services will help you standardize address information, eliminate undeliverable addresses and remove duplicate records. By updating your data, you can take full advantage of the U.S. Postal Services automation postal discounts.

Merge / Purge:

Merge Purge is the process of combining two or files and eliminating (Purging) unwanted or duplicate records.

NCOA- The National Change of Address:

Update your mailing list with the latest change of address filed with the USPS.

DSF2- Delivery Sequence File:

DSF2 processing corrects, standardizes and verifies addresses against the USPS file of 145 million address points.

LACS- Locatable Address Conversion System:

Updates rural route addresses and increase deliverables using the new street names of the rural route customers.

CASS- Coding Accuracy Support System:

Facilitates address hygiene and routing information that lowers postage costs, speeds delivery, and reduces undeliverable mail.

Deceased File Processing:

Allows you to identify and remove the records of deceased individuals in your mailing list.

Do Not Call Processing:

Removes or flags phone numbers on the Do Not Call list.

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